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Action 360 

ACTION360 is a continuous improvement management solution that uses the PDCA / SDCA methodology and concepts. Through its web platform this solution allows managing guidelines, objectives and goals of operations with a focus on continuous improvement.
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Asset 360 

Asset360 is the company's asset management solution that enables you to efficiently govern the entire life cycle and asset investments through a Multi Platform (IOS / Android / Windows) environment; Optimize the use of assets, reduce costs through efficient analysis, and improve visibility and projections of future investment allocation involved and / or committed.
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GPS 360 

The GPS360 is a project / process / sales management system that allows you to optimize and facilitate communication between the involved areas through a WEB and MOBILE platform. In addition to monitoring and control of activities in real time, centralization and consolidation of the information occurs on a solid basis and available in a fast and collaborative manner contemplating operational and managerial visions of the project indicators.
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Idea 360 

The IDEA360 is a solution that connects internal and external employees of the company to a process of innovation, through a platform that allows the capture, monitoring, classification and evaluation of the best ideas according to predefined criteria; This pipeline of structured information supports the viability of monitoring and results of innovative projects that have been approved and recognized in the company.
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Tem 360 

The TEM360 is a mobile, fixed and data resource management solution that, through a Web platform, allows control of all allocated resources, usage policies, contracts, and cost center and user information. Its invoice management module allows the apportionment by area and / or cost centers allowing the necessary analysis and audit, being easily integrated with ERP systems.
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