ACTION360 is a continuous improvement management solution that uses the PDCA / SDCA methodology and concepts. Through its web platform this solution allows managing guidelines, objectives and goals of operations with a focus on continuous improvement.

Target Audience

The ACTION360 is designed for companies that seek to structure their processes of performance and quality management, accelerating processes of collaboration between all the areas involved through the management of guidelines and their respective goals; Also recommended to companies that seek agility in their processes of evaluation of performance, guarantee and quality control through a collaboration platform in real time, "anytime", "anywhere".


  • Process analysis / root cause of problems (RCAs);
  • Registration of associated action plans;
  • Management of analysis history providing knowledge base;
  • Definition of goals associated with defined plans and objectives;
  • Prioritization of actions;
  • Monitoring evolution / continuous improvement.


  • Operational excellence through the reduction of RCA's (Root Causes of Problems);
  • Greater effectiveness of the corrections providing an increase in the guarantee and control of the quality;
  • Knowledge base and information available to all employees of the company accelerating the ability to analyze and solve new problems;
  • Optimization in investments d Preventive maintenance of operations;
  • Perception of value and quality by the company's customers.
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