Asset360 is the company's asset management solution that enables you to efficiently govern the entire life cycle and asset investments through a Multi Platform (IOS / Android / Windows) environment; Optimize the use of assets, reduce costs through efficient analysis, and improve visibility and projections of future investment allocation involved and / or committed.

Target Audience

Asset360 is intended for the planning, operations and logistics areas of companies that seek to structure their processes and who want more effective control of their assets, seeking the optimization of processes and agility in the negotiations, reduction of administrative costs and improvement of service levels .


  • Distributed inventory management;
  • Remote asset request;
  • Life cycle follow-up (maintenance / repairs / allocation);
  • Asset visibility, allocation, values ​​and location;
  • Friendly browser interface for clients to track the progress and technical information of their assets.


  • Increase efficiency in the management of leasing and use of assets.
  • Better utilization of available assets;
  • Asset support;
  • Greater control in asset maintenance management;
  • Maximization in response time to project and maintenance activities;
  • Speed ​​and optimization of communication among those involved;
  • Agility through requests and visibility of available resources.
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