The GPS360 is a project / process / sales management system that allows you to optimize and facilitate communication between the involved areas through a WEB and MOBILE platform. In addition to monitoring and control of activities in real time, centralization and consolidation of the information occurs on a solid basis and available in a fast and collaborative manner contemplating operational and managerial visions of the project indicators.

Target Audience

The GPS360 is intended for companies looking to structure their sales, logistics, customer service and finance in a projected format, wanting to obtain information through the collaboration of all the areas involved, in real time, "anytime", "anywhere". Mitigation of risks such as financial exposure, reduction in the impact of the company's cash flow, acceleration of possible process stops due to total visibility, and availability of 360º information for clients guarantee immediate results and credibility with internal and external customers providing the Intelligent use of technology applied to the business in making decisions and generating new opportunities.


  • Integrated management of business processes, logistics and customer service;
  • Sales management in projected format;
  • Monitoring of steps, schedules, resources versus defined baselines;
  • Pipeline visibility of orders, sales, deliveries, revenue generation;
  • Friendly browser interface for clients to locate the progress of their projects / acquisitions;
  • Alerts and triggers configurable through the use of messaging (electronic mail) that allows to generate several and different types of alerts through a defined process of escalation of roles and responsibilities in the project;
  • Creation and integration of approval workflows involving different areas and levels through a standardized messaging platform (electronic mail).


  • Agility and flexibility in business processes;
  • Optimization and efficiency in the integration of sales processes with logistics;
  • 360º vision of information for internal and external clients;
  • Optimization and cost efficiency (Hard & Soft Dollar Savings);
  • Centralized monitoring and reporting (anytime / anywhere);
  • Visibility and total transparency of the stages of the processes / projects;
  • Mitigation of risks involved in compliance and finances;
  • Improvement in the quality of customer service and response processes;
  • Maximization in response time to project activities;
  • Speed ​​and optimization of communication among those involved;
  • Higher clarity of project delivery portfolio and revenue generation;
  • Operational excellence in monitoring the stages of the logistics process.
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