The IDEA360 is a solution that connects internal and external employees of the company to a process of innovation, through a platform that allows the capture, monitoring, classification and evaluation of the best ideas according to predefined criteria; This pipeline of structured information supports the viability of monitoring and results of innovative projects that have been approved and recognized in the company.

Target Audience

The IDEA360 is aimed at companies that seek to structure their processes of ideation and innovation, with development of new products and services of the company accelerating processes and collaboration among all the involved areas; Also recommended to companies that seek to accelerate / accelerate both in evolutionary processes and in the company's business transformation through a real-time collaboration platform, "anytime", "anywhere".


  • Integrated management of criteria / scope of ideas;
  • Transactional base of ideas collected internally / externally;
  • Scheduling of event dates and selection of ideas;
  • Feasibility analysis of ideas to become a project;
  • Consultations and access segmented by groups / support committees;
  • Visibility of progress / Status of suggested ideas within the company.


  • Engagement of employees in the creative process of the company;
  • Visibility and integration involving all areas of the company;
  • Easily accessible content for reference and reuse;
  • Possibility of linking results with bonus programs;
  • Viable alternative for integration with external channels (eg universities);
  • Openness to explore resources such as MEETUP's and Hackathon's;
  • Agility and flexibility in innovative actions and processes;
  • Optimization of resources involved in innovation and research.
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